Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pennsylvania’s Mysterious Creatures

Darnell discussing the Kecksburg, Pa incident with author and investigator Stan Gordon

Stan Gordon was the fourth speaker at the Eerie UFO Conference in Erie, Pa. on May 4, 2013. His illustrated program covered many types of strange creatures reported in Pennsylvania. The subjects range from Black Panthers, Thunderbirds, and aquatic creatures to Bigfoot and UFOs seen together, as well as a variety of other mysterious creature encounters.

I discussed the Kecksburg, Pa incident with him. We do not agree on what it was. I say it is the NAZI Bell. He says that it is not. 

Who is Stan Gordon?

“Stan Gordon was trained as an electronics technician, specializing in radio communications. He worked in the advanced consumer electronics sales field for over forty years. Gordon began his interest in the UFO subject and other strange incidents at the age of 10 in 1959. In the late 1960s, he acted as the telephone UFO sighting report investigations coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh.” 

“Stan began in the field investigations of UFOs and other mysterious events in 1965, and is the primary investigator of the December 9, 1965, UFO crash recovery incident that occurred near Kechsburg, Pa. In 1969, Gordon established a UFO hot-line for the public to report UFO sightings to him to investigate.”
“In 1970, he founded the Westmorland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG), the first of three volunteer research groups which he would establish to investigate UFO sightings and other strange occurrences reported in Pennsylvania. Since November 1993, he continues to investigate and document strange incidents from across the Keystone State as an independent researcher.” 

IF you want to know more about Stan and his work, visit his website;     
Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone

Philadelphia Area Conference

October 4 – 6, 2013 

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